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Fair housing training is at the core of operations, risk mitigation, and professional development for every housing industry professional and company. 

We have developed comprehensive training to educate our valued clients on how to protect their property, company, residents, and even their career. 

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Fair housing is what we do! Our team has an extensive background with decades of combined experience. We pride ourselves on staying current not only with fair housing laws but also with the technology needed to deliver a superior learning environment.

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In-person training may not always be practical. The Fair Housing Institute delivers interactive online training at the click of a button.

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“Due to the Fair Housing Act…” - Responding To Questions

Protected Classes Part 2 – Religion

In the latest episode of “Fair Housing Insiders,” we delved into the intricacies of religious protections under the Fair Housing Act. This discussion is crucial for property managers and housing providers, offering valuable insights into ensuring compliance and fostering inclusive communities. A key takeaway from the episode is the understanding that discrimination based on religion—or

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“Due to the Fair Housing Act…” - Responding To Questions

Protected Classes Part 1 – Sex

In the Fair Housing industry, protected classes can be full of nuances, gray areas, and hard-to-predict scenarios. In this series, we dive in to help you focus on fair housing compliance. For this first installment, we unpack valuable insights from host Jonathan Saar and expert Kathi Williams as they delve into the complexities of sex

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“Due to the Fair Housing Act…” - Responding To Questions

 “Due to the Fair Housing Act…” – Responding To Questions

The Fair Housing Act, while vital in ensuring fair treatment for applicants and residents, is often misunderstood or misapplied in various situations. In this article, we will discuss common scenarios property management professionals face to help reason whether the Fair Housing Act applies or not and discuss best practices to manage somewhat tricky questions.

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