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At FHI, our goal is to deliver the best fair housing training in the industry in a way that fits your company’s budgetary and operational goals. We can license our comprehensive suite of fair housing training courses to be used by your company on an internal or third-party LMS. Since these accounts are customized for each client, please contact us directly to arrange for a no-obligation consultation about pricing and hosting details. Please note that this service is only available to companies with 150 employees or more.

Technology is changing the way the housing industry approaches training and operations.  Many companies are building their own custom LMS or utilizing a third party LMS to host all of their employees’ training in one place.  But with all of the conveniences of an internal LMS comes the complication of building a comprehensive training catalog that fits the needs of your team.  Course production often comes with a considerable cost of both time and money.  Even after the course is produced it must be regularly reviewed and updated.  These challenges can make course development and maintenance an difficult project for even the largest housing providers.

How will course licensing benefit your company?

Better Compliance

Companies will be able to train their team on the platform they are familiar with.  No need to send your employees from one website to another.  We can put our Fair Housing training platforms on your LMS with the rest of your courses. This allows for easier oversight and an increase in compliance rates.


Fast, Easy Support Solutions

Familiarity with your LMS as well as an in-house administrator results in streamlined support options and faster training completion times. 


Reduced Training Costs

Most companies see a significant reduction in per-employee training costs when they train through their own LMS.

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