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We have developed innovative, cost-effective training suites to educate our valued clients on how to protect their property, company, residents, and even their career. These courses are available for Single User and Group Accounts. Our courses are also available to you and your company whether you want to train them on our LMS, or course hosting and licensing to train employees on your LMS.

Many of our courses are offered in English and Spanish and all of our training is on demand.  This means you can take the training at your convenience.  From home or work, from your desktop or smartphone, our training is available to you and your employees 24/7. You can always save your progress and pick up from where you left off because we believe training should fit your schedule. All courses come with certificates of completion.

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The New Basics of Fair Housing

A dynamic up-to-date course created by fair housing attorneys that covers a wide range of must-know topics. Whether you are looking for certification for new hires or want to ensure that existing employees stay sharp, this intuitive and engaging course is the perfect fit.

Fair Housing For Single Family Rentals

Fair Housing For Single Family Rentals

In this training course, we cover many of the fair housing challenges faced in the single-family rental industry. An educational course that provides an abundance of examples and scenarios to keep the learner engaged and help with retention.

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Fair Housing in a Flash

Proper training is an on-going experience. Fair Housing in a Flash was designed to be fast-paced while still ensuring that critical topics are covered. Perfect for new hires and as a refresher course focusing on the importance of fair housing practices.

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Fair Housing for Maintenance Professionals

Maintenance personnel and service staff are often the front lines of customer service. Training is needed to help them understand how to recognize a potential fair housing issue and how to respond appropriately.

Advanced Fair Housing Courses

Moving beyond the basics is part of building a solid learning foundation that will help you succeed in property management. More and more companies are branching into different types of housing that will require specialized and advanced training.

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Fair Housing and Seniors

Senior housing presents unique challenges that require targeted training. This comprehensive course provides the knowledge needed to ensure fair housing compliance.

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Fair Housing and Student Living

Student housing is a rapidly growing industry throughout the country. Just like all other housing, employees need to know what to watch out for or risk a fair housing violation.

Advanced Fair Housing Course

Advanced Fair Housing Course

This next level fair housing course covers 6 complicated fair housing topics. Each lesson utilizes practical terms and scenarios to keep you engaged and help you stay up-to-date.

Targeted Micro-Learning Courses

Fair housing is a dynamic and ever-changing landscape that includes highly specific areas that require targeted training. We have created effective micro courses to help keep you up to date and ready to tackle these challenging fair housing topics. 

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Fair housing compliance is diverse and complicated. Effective training is necessary to avoid complaints and costly lawsuits. Industry recognized and easy to use, our courses provide the property management community the skills they need to succeed.

Fair Housing Online Courses

Complimentary Fair Housing Education

Occupancy Limits - How To Decide

Occupancy Limits – How To Decide

Occupancy limits pose a unique challenge to housing providers. Especially in states or cities that do not provide clear-cut guidance. Join us as we consider what the laws do say and share some best practices to help you decide what your occupancy limits should be.

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Rent Increases - Fair Housing Danger?

Rent Increases – Fair Housing Danger?

Rent increases are a regular part of the property management housing industry. But what are some potential fair housing dangers we see when it comes to how a company determines who will or will not be getting an increase? And how can they be avoided?

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Parking Spaces - Common Questions

Parking Spaces – Common Questions

What challenges can parking spaces raise in property management? We discuss some of the more common questions we see and share best practices to help you avoid any fair housing potholes.

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