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Fair Housing and Diversity

Fair Housing and Diversity

Welcome to another insightful installment of Fair Housing Insiders. Today, we delve into the crucial topic of fair housing and diversity. As we explore these concepts, we aim to clarify their distinctions and illustrate their intertwined roles in fostering inclusive housing communities.

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New Criminal History Suggested Guidlines

Special Episode: HUD Criminal History Screening Update

In today’s special episode featured on our YouTube channel, we dive deep into the intricacies of the newly proposed HUD regulations concerning criminal history screening—an area sparking considerable discussion and queries within our property management community. With expert insights, let’s unpack these developments and understand their implications for housing providers. The spotlight of our discussion

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Housing Choice Vouchers and Fair Housing

The Housing Choice Voucher Program, a critical component of the U.S. housing system, provides opportunities for thousands of families to secure affordable housing. However, the program also presents a complex set of responsibilities and legal obligations for landlords and housing authorities. To ensure compliance, let’s dive deep into these responsibilities, offering insights and guidance.

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