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From the Archives

Occupancy Limits - How To Decide

Occupancy Limits – How To Decide

Occupancy limits pose a unique challenge to housing providers. Especially in states or cities that do not provide clear-cut guidance. Join us as we consider what the laws do say and share some best practices to help you decide what your occupancy limits should be.

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Rent Increases - Fair Housing Danger?

Rent Increases – Fair Housing Danger?

Rent increases are a regular part of the property management housing industry. But what are some potential fair housing dangers we see when it comes to how a company determines who will or will not be getting an increase? And how can they be avoided?

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Parking Spaces - Common Questions

Parking Spaces – Common Questions

What challenges can parking spaces raise in property management? We discuss some of the more common questions we see and share best practices to help you avoid any fair housing potholes.

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