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Being Nice or Compliant – Can You Be Both?

Beneath the surface of property management lies a complex web of ethical dilemmas, demanding careful navigation and adherence to industry standards. From maintaining professionalism in everyday interactions to upholding fair housing laws, housing providers must balance a myriad considerations to ensure compliance while providing good customer service. Common scenarios include grappling with the acceptance of

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“Due to the Fair Housing Act…” - Responding To Questions

Is it a Disability? Part 4 – Hoarding

Hoarding: a word that brings to mind images of cluttered spaces and challenging living conditions. It is also a complex issue that intertwines mental health and housing standards, posing unique challenges for property managers and housing providers. But is hoarding a disability? This blog delves into the intricacies of managing hoarding situations while adhering to

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Unit Repairs – What Does the FHA Say About It?

Ensuring compliance with the Fair Housing Act (FHA) is not just a legal requirement but also a commitment to fairness and equality. Episode 90 of the Fair Housing Insiders, featuring insights from Leslie Tucker, offers valuable guidance on how unit repairs fit within the context of the FHA. This installation aims to distill the essence

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