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The Fair Housing Institute is dedicated to providing the most thorough and comprehensive fair housing training at the best price for you and your company or organization. We realize that training is not a one-size-fits-all situation, and for that reason, we have developed multiple training solutions permitting our clients to choose which type of training best fits their needs. 

The Benefits of Fair Housing In-Person Training

  • Customized Content: Our fair housing training programs, expertly guided by attorney Leslie Tucker P.C., are personalized to meet client needs, considering factors like housing type, attendee roles, session length, and specific requests.

  • Real-World Scenarios: Our training is enriched by actual case studies, offering participants hands-on learning in an interactive setting.

  • Expertise from the Field: Drawing on extensive work with HUD and defense of housing providers, the training includes practical examples of best and worst practices in fair housing.

  • Targeted Training: Our in-person sessions are tailored to the specific knowledge and needs of each audience, ensuring relevance and effectiveness for groups like property managers, leasing agents, maintenance personnel, real estate agents, or anyone working in the housing industry. 

The Benefits of Fair Housing Webinar Training

Expertly Crafted Webinars: Led by experienced fair housing attorney Leslie Tucker P.C., our webinars customized to meet your organization’s needs and includes in-depth research and case studies.

Growing Popularity in the U.S.: Fair housing webinars are increasingly chosen by a wide range of companies for their efficiency and effectiveness.

Cost-Effective and Geographically Flexible: Particularly beneficial for businesses with widespread offices, saving on the high costs of organizing in-person sessions.

Focused Learning Experience: Typically lasting up to 90 minutes, our webinars are designed to cover specific topics or problem areas relevant to your company and type of housing, ensuring targeted and effective training.

Training Topics

We will work with you to design a training program tailor made for your team so they understand how fair housing laws and best practices apply in their day to day operations, as well as special circumstances.  Our training can include any fair housing lessons you feel your team would benefit from but below are a list of some more common training topics:

Fair Housing Attorney and Educator Leslie Tucker P.C.

Meet Your Trainer - Leslie Tucker P.C.

As an educational trainer with a rich background in civil rights law, Leslie specializes in fair housing and landlord-tenant issues. Her decade-plus experience, including roles at the EEOC and the City Attorney’s Office in Atlanta, informs her current position at Williams Edelstein Tucker, P.C. Leslie excels in developing and conducting tailored training programs on fair housing laws, leveraging her extensive knowledge to offer practical guidance. Her sessions are designed to empower housing providers with the skills and understanding needed to navigate and comply with fair housing regulations, enhancing their ability to manage landlord-tenant relationships effectively.

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