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Advanced Fair Housing

You’ve trained with the Basics, and now it is time to go beyond the Basics!  Our Advanced Fair Housing Course does a deep dive into topics that often cause housing providers confusion because they are so complicated. Fair Housing training cannot be a mere “check the box” activity to be successful. Instead, it needs to be an ongoing education process to keep up with ever-changing topics. Make sure that you and your staff get ahead of the latest fair housing challenges with this advanced training, the perfect follow-up course for anyone who took the Basics of Fair Housing course last year.

Some of the topics covered:

  • Assistance animals
  • Criminal history screening
  • VAWA and domestic violence
  • Sexual harassment
  • Expansion of the definition of sex
  • Marketing and advertising

       And more!


Online Advanced Housing Training

This next-level course covers six challenging fair housing topics, separated into individual lessons. Each lesson has been carefully created and utilizes practical terms along with plenty of examples to keep you engaged. The fifty-question certification exam with review functions at the end will ensure you finish the course with a confident understanding of the lessons and how they apply to your job.

  • Available Languages – English
  • $119.00/Course
  • Course Time: 2 Hours
  • 50 Question Certification Exam
  • Certificate of Completion

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Advanced Fair Housing

  • Introduction
  • Overview
  • Disclaimer
  • Why this course is necessary


Assistance Animals

  • Recognizing an emotional support animal
  • Accept or reject: striking a balance
  • State and local laws
  • ESAs vs. pets
  • What types of animals can be ESAs?
  • Is this resident disabled
  • Encourage residents and verifiers
  • Definition of disability
  • Questions on ESA forms
  • Multiple assistance animals
  • Issues and rejecting multiple ESAs
  • Assistance animal agreement
  • Guest assistance animals
  • Online certificates
  • ESA letters
  • Challenging verification
  • Summary

Criminal History Screening and Disparate Impact

  • Screening
  • Local laws and ordinances
  • Arrests vs. convictions
  • Fair housing considerations
  • Unique situations
  • Appealing a denial
  • Exceptions to criminal history policy
  • Processing an appeal
  • Considerations for appeals
  • Disparate treatment
  • Disparate impact
  • Lookback periods
  • Content of criminal history policy
  • Developing a graduated policy
  • Do not summarize your policy
  • Third party screening policies
  • Summary


VAWA and Domestic Violence

  • Domestic violence
  • Disturbance example and options
  • Crime free ordinances
  • State and local laws
  • Properties covered
  • VAWA rights
  • Landlord tenant rights
  • Emergency transfers
  • Staying informed
  • Is this domestic violence?
  • Multiple examples
  • Summary

Sexual and Other Protected Category Harassment

  • Sexual harassment
  • Quid pro quo vs. hostile environment
  • Processing claims
  • Avoiding claims
  • Appropriate vs. inappropriate comments
  • Multiple examples
  • Example review
  • Best practices
  • Lease violations
  • Mitigating negative outcomes
  • Sexual harassment scenario 
  • Scenario response
  • Steps involved in resolving an incident
  • Management’s response
  • Any incident can cause an issue
  • Other protected category harassment
  • Summary


Expansion of the Definition of Sex

  • The definition of sex
  • Employees’ personal views
  • Examples for training
  • Closer look at outcomes
  • Harassment
  • Sensitivity training
  • Summary


Marketing and Advertising

  • Marketing and advertising
  • The broad definition 
  • Discriminatory statements
  • Multiple examples
  • Words to avoid
  • Problematic phrases
  • Marketing cheat sheet
  • Pictures
  • Diversity in advertising
  • Use of stock photos and models
  • Advertising over time
  • Social media
  • Marketing on digital platforms
  • Website and app accessibility
  • Legal basis
  • ADA website accessibility guidelines
  • WCAG technical standards
  • Serial-filing
  • Summary


  • Summary
  • Additional resources
  • Certification Exam

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