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Assistance Animals

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Assistance Animals

Assistance animals, especially emotional support animals, continue to be a large source of confusion and frustration throughout the housing industry. The number of complaints and investigations involving assistance animals continues to rise every year.  Make sure you and your team are prepared to handle these situations by taking this critical supplemental fair housing course.

Some of the topics covered:

  • Rules
  • Fraudulent request
  • Denying a request
  • State and local laws
  • ESA forms
  • Verification of need
  • Multiple ESA’s

       And more!


Online Assistance Animal Course

This supplemental training course will guide you through some of the pitfalls and best practices surrounding assistance animals. We will guide you through this fair housing minefield using plenty of real-world examples. Passing the short exam at the end will earn you a certificate of completion and the peace of mind that you are prepared to handle this tricky fair housing situation.  

  • Available Languages – English
  • $39.00/Course
  • Course Time: 25 minutes
  • 10 Question Certification Exam
  • Certificate of Completion

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Assistance Animals


  • Introduction
  • Recognizing an Emotional Support Animal
  • Accept or Reject: Striking a Balance
  • State and Local Laws
  • ESAs vs. Pets
  • What types of animals can be ESAs
  • Is This Resident Disabled
  • Encourage Residents and Verifiers
  • Definition of Disability
  • Questions on ESA Forms
  • Multiple Assistance Animals
  • Issues and rejecting multiple ESAs
  • Assistance Animal Agreement
  • Guest Assistance Animals
  • Online Certificates
  • ESA Letters
  • Challenging Verification
  • Summary
  • Exam


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Your ESA Questions Answered

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