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Criminal History Screening & Disparate Impact

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Criminal History

Many housing providers are trying to navigate the complications of developing a criminal history screening policy that protects their community while still providing equitable housing opportunities. This topic has been gaining traction for advocates and testers, and this supplemental course will ensure your team feels more confident dealing with this complex topic.

Some of the topics covered:

  • Introduction
  • Local laws and ordinances
  • Exceptions and processing appeals
  • Disparate impact vs treatment
  • Lookback periods
  • Scooter policies
  • Third-party screening policies

       And more!


Criminal History and Disparate Imapct

This course will examine some of the biggest mistakes and misconceptions surrounding criminal history screening. Using practical examples, we will clear up some of the confusion surrounding criminal history screening and how your company can build successful policies and procedures.  At the end, you will take a brief exam that will earn you a certificate of completion.

  • Available Languages – English
  • $39.00/Course
  • Course Time: 20 minutes
  • 10 Question Certification Exam
  • Certificate of Completion

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Criminal History Screening and Disparate Impact


  • Introduction
  • Screening
  • Local laws and ordinances
  • Arrests vs. convictions
  • Fair housing considerations
  • Unique situations
  • Appealing a denial
  • Exceptions to criminal history policy
  • Processing an appeal
  • Considerations for appeals
  • Disparate treatment
  • Disparate impact
  • Lookback periods
  • Content of criminal history policy
  • Developing a graduated policy
  • Do not summarize your policy
  • Third party screening policies
  • Summary
  • Exam

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