Fair Housing Focus: The Expansion of the Definiton of Sex

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Definintion of Sex

The definition of sex under the fair housing act has recently expanded due to a groundbreaking Supreme Course case. These changes are sure to affect housing providers across the country. These changes are expected to draw testers from advocacy groups from across the country. Does your team understand the recent changes and how it affects them? Is your current training using enough examples to make sure everyone is on the same page? This course will explain the recent changes and how housing providers should be prepared to avoid even the appearance of discrimination against persons based on sexual orientation and gender identity.    

Some of the topics covered:

  • Expanded definition of sex
  • Name changes
  • Gender expression
  • Sensitivity training

       And more!


The Expansion of the Definition of Sex

This supplemental course examines the recent expansion of the definition of sex to prohibit discrimination against persons due to their sexual orientation and gender identity. We provide scenarios to make sure your team understands their responsibilities to residents, applicants, and guests.  At the end, you take a brief exam to earn a certificate of completion.

  • Available Languages – English
  • $39.00/Course
  • Course Time: 15 minutes
  • 10 Question Certification Exam
  • Certificate of Completion

Expansion of the Definition of Sex


  • Introduction
  • The definition of sex
  • Employees’ personal views
  • Examples for training
  • Closer look at outcomes
  • Harassment
  • Sensitivity training
  • Summary
  • Exam

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