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Online Training for Maintenance Professionals

Far too many housing providers are unaware that maintenance professionals require fair housing training as much as any other position in the industry.  Often these employees interact with residents more often than leasing or management and can become the front lines of your property or company.  They need to understand how to recognize a potential fair housing issue, respond appropriately, and properly document and report to the right person.  Make sure your maintenance professionals have the tools they need to succeed.

Some of the topics covered:

  • Introduction to the Fair Housing Act
  • Introduction to protected classes
  • Common fair housing issues that arise in maintenance
  • What is discrimination?
  • Compliance best practices
  • The “what” and “why” of frequently asked questions

Online Maintenance Professionals Training

Fair Housing training should be a prerequisite for any professional working  in maintenance, housekeeping, cleaners, porters, or any other onsite contractors.  The actions and statements made by them can have fair housing consequences even if they had good intentions.  It is important they understand their responsibilities and how to apply best practices.  This is why we dive into lots of scenarios and examples so they can best understand how to apply these lessons on the job. 

  • Available Languages – English & Spanish
  • $79.00/Course
  • Course Time: 1 hour
  • 15 Question Certification Exam
  • Certificate of Completion

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Introduction to the Fair Housing Act
● Premise
● Purpose
● Relevance
Introduction to protected classes
● Federal, state and local
Common fair housing issues that arise in maintenance
● Timeliness and prioritization of service requests
● Preferred treatment – real or perceived
● Communication failures
● Failure to document incidents
What is discrimination?
● Specific topics
● Animals
● Parking spaces
● Steering
● Harassment
○ Sexual
○ Non-sexual
● Marijuana
Compliance best practices
● Managing service requests
● Know and follow your company policies
● Maintenance and the customer experience
● Communication
● Confidentiality
● Incident reporting
● Zero tolerance
● Leasing-related issues
● Equal opportunity, access and enjoyment
● This is a 24/7/365 commitment
● Look, act, and sound like a professional
● Documentation
● Be friendly, not friends
The “what” and “why” of frequently asked questions
● “What kinds of people live here?”
● “How come they have a dog?”
● “How come they get a reserved parking space?”
● “Can you do me a favor?”
● “Can I hire you this weekend to help me move some things?”
● “I’m having a party Saturday night; why don’t you drop by?”
● The Universal Answer: “I don’t know – let’s find out!”


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Complimentary Housing Education

Fair housing for maintenance professionals

Fair Housing Training For Maintenance – A Prerequisite

Fair Housing training for maintenance professionals is a compliance prerequisite.  Housing providers sometimes overlook this need.  Often they are the first team members who arrive after a maintenance call comes in.  They interact with residents on a regular basis.  Kindness and courtesy can often be misinterpreted.  We want kindness and courtesy to always be maintained. 

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