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Fair Housing For Single Family Rentals in a Flash

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Single Family Rentals in a Flash

This condensed flash course serves as a brief overview of the full version, focusing on the burgeoning industry of single-family rentals. As more property management and real estate companies expand into the acquisition and management of these rentals, there arises a significant need for targeted fair housing training specifically tailored to this sector. Our course is crafted to equip industry professionals with the essential knowledge of applicable fair housing laws and the necessary actions to ensure compliance.

Some of the topics covered:

  • What is fair housing?
  • Lease applications
  • Lease violations
  • Reasonable accommodations/modifications
  • Assistance animals

       And more!


Online Single Family Rental Training

This flash course offers a condensed overview of the full version, focusing on the fair housing challenges prevalent in the single-family rental industry. Designed as a fast-paced and informative session, it features numerous examples and scenarios to engage learners and enhance retention. This training course equips industry professionals with the knowledge to navigate these challenges effectively.

  • Available Languages – English
  • $79.00/Course
  • Course Time:  1.5 hours
  • 50 Question Certification Exam
  • Certificate of Completion

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Fair Housing For Single Family Rentals Flash Syllabus
Lesson 1
l Overview
l Disclaimer
l What is the Fair Housing Act?
l Why is it important to learn about it?
l Who can be held liable?
l Who is protected by the Fair Housing Act?
l Perception is important
l The seven federally protected categories
l State Laws
l Fair Housing Rental Map
l Steering
l Intent doesn’t matter
l Steering examples
l Testers and examples
l Answering questions

Processing an application
l Following established process
l Third party screening companies
l Questions and scenarios
l Document everything
l Occupancy limits
Provision of services
l Contractors
l Failure to address and issue
l Sexual harassment
l Best practices
Issuing lease violations
l Documenting a lease violation
l Lease violations and disabilities
l Nonrenewal
l Punitive Actions
l Retaliation
Lesson 2

l Rights of a person with disabilities
l FHA definition of disability
l Discriminatory terms or rules
Reasonable accommodations and modifications
l Handling requests
l Case by case basis
l Making decisions
Housing provider’s rights
l Right to clarify
l Considering requests
l Determining whether to grant a request
l Refusing requests
l Documentation and policies
Reasonable Accommodation Request Process
l Scenario
l Process
Additional reasonable accommodation best practices
l Request log
l Hearing requests
l Discouraging requests
l Timely processing
l Forms
l Who can be a verifier?
Reasonable request example
l Reasons to deny a request

l Process example
l Follow up and verification
l Alternative solutions
l Handling a unresolved conflict
Assistance animals
l Service animals vs. emotional support animals
l Process and policies
l Assistance animals questions and examples
l Entitlement requirements
l Verification process
l Getting information
l Conditions and consultation
l Delaying requests
Reasonable Modifications
l Requests
l Approval
l Modification request example
l Following a process
Certification Exam
l 50 multiple choice questions
l Questions are randomized from a question bank
l 80% required to pass

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