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The Fair Housing Institute

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Nationwide Reach

The Fair Housing Institute was founded in 2005 and has experienced consistent growth across our many different media outlets. We understand the importance of engaging with our network to drive our industry forward through resources and education. Our reach will continue to grow and we want to share our success with you!

Website Traffic

40,000 + users last year

Email Subscribers

Over 4,000 active subscribers with a 60% average open rate


Over 28,000 views last year

Social Media

70,000 + views across our media channels in the last 90 days

Industry Leaders in Fair Housing Education

Every year thousands of people from all over the U.S. train with us via our state of the art learning management system. Having our own training suite affords us direct contact with our learners.

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The Fair Housing Institute Programs and Rates

Put our resources to work for you!

Newsletter Section

Tap into our exceptional open rate and showcase your brand! We will provide a dedicated area for your logo on our biweekly newsletter and help spread awareness of your company.

Website Banners

Looking for a consistently growing flow of relevant traffic to advertise to? The FHI website is the perfect fit to reach industry professionals with targeted advertising.

YouTube Marketing

We are fair housing education leaders and attract a steady flow of students and education directors. Another excellent way to create brand awareness is via our YouTube channel.

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The Fair Housing Institute

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