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Fair Housing – There is More Than One Protected Class

Traditionally over the last few years we have seen and or experienced Fair Housing testers coming to properties to ascertain that our site teams are abiding by Fair Housing laws.  Most of the tests have been focused on two particular classes which are race and religion.  They are always stepping up their game.

If you follow us on Twitter and Facebook, you will notice that there is plenty of activity on the part of the Department of Justice.  Our site teams need to be reminded to be ready for anything.  Do not be in a Fair Housing rut.  This is why we continually emphasize the need for regular training.

The irony of these cases is that more than likely the site teams are not doing anything on purpose but are just forgetting to handle key processes.  One of the most important is simply following up.  Do not neglect to follow up with everyone.

So our suggestion is to share this brief article with your site teams today.  Awareness and reminders will keep us all compliant.

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