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Fair Housing in a Flash

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Fair Housing in a Flash

Our refresher fair housing in a flash course is designed to cover the most critical fair housing topics in a shorter course format.  This is ideal for training in between certification years, refreshing employees on the information and the importance of fair housing practices, and training housing employees that may only need a foundational understanding of the law.

Some of the topics covered:

  • Fair Housing Road Map of the rental process
  • Marketing
  • Meeting, greeting, and taking prospects on tours
  • Screening
  • Process lease violations and terminations
  • Familial status and disability
  • Familial status issues
  • Disability rights

       A refresher of the above topics and more!


Fair Housing in a Flash Online Training

Proper training is an ongoing experience. This course was designed to present a thorough yet fast-paced overview of top fair housing topics and best practices. Delivered in an intuitive format to help learners stay engaged and learn at a pace that best suits them.

  • Available Languages – English & Spanish
  • $79.00/Course
  • Course Time: 1 Hour
  • 20 Question Certification  Exam
  • Certificate of Completion

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● History of FHA
● Protected categories
● Explanation of each protected category
● Map of state and local protected categories and unique provisions
● Introduction of Fair Housing Road Map
● Introduction to Murphy Hill Townhouses and Dodge Falls Lofts
Meeting, greeting, and taking prospects on tours
● Testers
● What kind of people live here?
● Consistency in treatment
Showing and offering housing
● Steering
● Documenting preferences of prospects
● Examples of making an availability error
Screening process
● Application
● Screening criteria
● Criminal history screening issues
Services, amenities, and rules
● Golden Rules of customer service
● Fair housing maintenance issues
● Sexual harassment
● Rules pertaining to use of amenities
● Consistent application of rules
● Retaliation

Familial status issues
● Rules pertaining to children
● Curfews
● Occupancy rules
● Considerations beyond “two persons per bedroom”
● Pregnant women
● Housing for older persons
● Definitions
● Examples of best practices and limitations
● Reasonable accommodations vs. modifications
● Granting requests
● Consideration and documentation
Reasonable accommodations
● Steps in the process
● Example of policy in action
● Additional reasonable accommodations
● Discouraging requests
● Timely processing
● Forms
● Who can be a verifier?
● Examples of reasonable accommodation requests
○ Assistance animals
○ Verification
○ Assigned parking
○ Transfers
● Reasonable modifications
○ Private market
○ Who installs?
○ Who pays?
○ Federally funded housing
○ When can you turn down a request?


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